Ashley Monroe's recent solo album, 'Like a Rose,' has been a huge success for the Nashville singer, landing a spot on Rolling Stone Magazine's Best Albums of 2013 Mid-Year Report earlier this year. But one of the biggest highlights of her year so far has been her performance on the historic Ryman stage.

Monroe played the Ryman with Hunter Hayes on a stop of CMT's Let's Be Crazy Tour in October. The singer recently released a behind-the-scenes video in which she says that playing the hallowed stage is a like a dream come true.

"You keep on dreaming, even as dreams come true," Monroe says. "Being able to actually be at the Ryman and play my songs, that I helped write, to new fans that are listening to every single word, it means way more than I could have ever dreamed."

The video shows highlights of Monroe preparing for her performance, from stage preparation to the singer strumming her guitar in the famous church pews.

"This building is magical to me -- always has been, always will be," she says. "Last night before I went on, everybody was going, 'Why aren't you nervous? Why aren't you nervous?' and I said, 'I am because I'm so excited and proud, but I'm not because it feels like home.'"

Just before the cutting to a clip of her band taking the stage to perform, Monroe tells the camera, "I'm living the dream. In more ways than one."