Don't let those sibling ties fool you: Brothers Osborne, the duo made up of John and TJ Osborne, aren't always the picture-perfect family -- but their blood bond generally is a positive in their career.

"We have brotherly moments where we’ll exchange words, but it’s good, because there’s honesty," John Osborne tells The Boot. "Sometimes I might be more passive with other people or walk on eggshells. We don’t do that with each other, and it’s actually a lot healthier because there’s honesty, and all the cards are out on the table. It’s actually more efficient because we can get things done quicker.

"Also, we don’t have to say anything, but we can still work together," he adds. "There’s this unspoken chemistry that we have, and that’s something I think you can only have with someone you’ve spent your whole life."

TJ Osborne agrees: Their closeness makes them an unstoppable force.

"John and I can cut right to the chase and not beat around the bush," TJ Osborne explains. "If there’s something that needs to change or be improved, I think if it’s a band with a really good friend of mine, I would probably be a little more tactful, just because I wouldn’t want to p--s them off. But John and I, we’re just brothers; we’ve been going at it since little kids, so we just come at it swinging, and we don’t think about it."

It's been 15 years since the Osbornes began their music career as songwriters, before making the transition to artists themselves. The twosome has seen plenty of changes in the industry -- and they've seen the circle of those involved shrink.

"I feel like it’s a much smaller club than it used to be, just because of, really, money," John Osborne acknowledges. "There isn’t as much money as there was in the ‘90s … It’s a much smaller group of people that are actually in the music business."

Brothers Osborne feel privileged to still be among those making music right now.

"On one hand, it’s tough for us because the stakes are higher, but on the other hand, I think it’s good because it works in a way of kind of a quality control," Osborne continues. "You have to have something; you have to show up with the goods."

This summer, the brothers will join Miranda Lambert and Kip Moore on the road: Both they and Moore are opening acts on Lambert's Keeper of the Flame Tour.

"We’re really really excited about that," TJ Osborne says. "We found out that Miranda wanted to take us out, and we jumped all over it."

He continues, "Miranda’s great. I don’t know of anything she has that’s a dud ... I think it’s going to be a really great thing for us. We’re certainly going to have a great time."

Brothers Osborne's latest single, "21 Summer," is available for download on iTunes. A list of all of their upcoming shows, including their dates with Lambert, is available on their website.

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