Angaleena Presley has released a new single, 'Knocked Up,' off of her upcoming album, 'American Middle Class,' out Oct. 14.

The album reads like the songs come straight from Presley's diary, and the new single is no exception, telling the story of an unexpected pregnancy. Presley lived the tale, telling People that the song is "as true as it can possibly get."

"I was freaked out," the singer says of finding out she was pregnant by someone she'd only known for three months. "I'm from a one-traffic-light town in the mountains in Kentucky, and I felt like I was bringing shame on my family."

Presley ended up having her son, Jed, who is now seven, and she developed a good parenting relationship with his father.

"It's crazy because it is a such a wonderful blessing to have a child," she says. "It's a gift from God, and to feel like it's going to bring shame doesn't make sense.

'American Middle Class' is available for pre-order on Amazon and iTunes.