Angaleena Presley has released the video for her latest single, 'Pain Pills.' The song, which is from her freshman 'American Middle Class' album, is a harsh and vivid look at the realities of coal mining communities, whose residents often rely on medication to alleviate their struggles with daily living.

"I started [that song] as I was on my way home from a funeral," Presley tells "A friend of mine from high school OD’d, [and] at the funeral, the mom was walking in going, ‘Oh, they had a heart problem. It was a heart issue.’ We knew what was going on. This is when I realized, this is starting to become a problem."

The Kentucky native admits it's also a personal issue for her as well.

"Addiction has really changed the face of my personal life and a lot of things in my family," she adds. "If there’s anything I would get up on a soapbox for, it’s prescription medication. I just think it’s a travesty how careless doctors are with that stuff ... Let’s start talking about it, let’s get some resources, let’s get some help."

'Pain Pills' is just one of 12 personal tracks on 'American Middle Class.'

"It’s like my autobiography -- each of the songs is a chapter of my life. I’ve literally lived every minute of this record,” the songstress says of the album. "My mama ain’t none too happy about me spreading my business around, but I have to do it. It’s the experience of my life from birth to now."

Download 'American Middle Class' here.