Country singer Amy Rose has a strong message for her fans for the holiday season: Don't drink and drive.

The Canadian singer, who is the reigning IMEA (International Music and Entertainment Association) Entertainer of the Year, has filmed several public service announcements for Bright Star International, promoting the Sober Driver's Pledge and speaking out about the dangers of drinking and driving.

"The reason I am so passionate about this cause is not because I have ever lost someone to drinking and driving, but it's the fact that I don't ever want to!" the '(Redneck Reunion) Party Like a Redneck' singer explains. "Being a mother to three little girls, I can't even imagine ever having to go through the pain of losing a child, or any loved one for that matter, to something as foolish and senseless! It can be prevented in so many ways."

She adds, "With Bright Star International, I look forward to getting the word out there and really making a difference. With the holidays approaching, and everyone doing a little bit more 'redneck partying' than usual, I hope everyone will agree to take the Sober Driver's Pledge!"

Bright Star International is an innovative non-profit that allows well-known celebrities to highlight a charitable cause that is important to them. Other artists who have partnered with Bright Star include Journey, Kenny Rogers, Ty Bates and the Kinleys.

The Sober Driver's Pledge includes a promise to always drive sober, not allow friends or family members to drive drunk, and make alternate plans to driving when alcohol is involved. Read and take the pledge here.