American Young, the duo made up of Jon Stone and Kristy Osmunson, penned their powerful song "Soldier's Wife (Don't Want You to Go)" in honor of some unsung heroes: the loved ones of those who serve in the military. American Young perform "Soldier's Wife" -- which was inspired by a true story -- to pay tribute to those who often make the ultimate sacrifice for our country's freedom, and the song has become a fan favorite, both of those who have served and of the loved ones of those currently serving.

In part, "Soldier's Wife" says, "I don't want to think about hearing your voice on the phone / And getting the groceries alone / People asking when you're coming home / I don't want to think about how crazy it gets over there / You flying off to God knows where, then telling me not to be scared." Below, Stone recalls to The Boot how he helped write what is undoubtedly one of the most memorable songs of his career.

“Soldier’s Wife” was written by myself and Billy Montana and Hannah Blaylock. We really wanted to write a song. It was Hannah’s idea to write a song for a friend -- her husband was just deployed -- and I had never heard a song idea or a song written from that perspective.

Obviously we’re all looking for something new to write about, so we sat down and wrote it, and wrote the most humble and supportive way that we possibly could. When it came out, we knew immediately that we had to have it on a record.

We sing it every night and pay homage to those people. It’s amazing how many lives that song has touched. It’s taken us a lot of places, too.

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