'Amazing Race' contestants Caroline & Jen are entering the county music scene with the release of a new song, 'Here We Are.'

Caroline Cutbirth and Jen Wayne are former members of Stealing Angels, their band with Tayla Lynn. The new song is their first release since 2013's 'Girls Gotcha Back.'

After competing on Season 22 of 'The Amazing Race,' the duo is currently on the show's 'All-Stars' edition. The new song serves as a sort of unofficial theme song for the show.

“It’s a song about never giving up, giving it all you have and kicking ass," Cutbirth says in a press release. “The show is life-changing. And to have a chance to do it twice is just amazing. We wanted to express our excitement about being on the show -- and our determination to win it -- through a song.”

Stealing Angels parted ways in 2011, giving the girls a chance to explore music on their own. Lynn will be releasing her debut solo EP, 'Coal Dust,' on April 19, while Caroline & Jen are hard at work on an album.

“We took a much-needed break after the band split,” says Wayne. “Now when we write and record, it’s because we want to and it’s fun again. We’re rejuvenated and have written a bunch of new songs and hope to have a new album out later this year. Right after we're done traversing waterfalls in the Malaysian Borneo and heading down white water rapids on self-made rafts."

'Here We Are' is available on iTunes and Amazon.