Alan Jackson and Denise JacksonOn Dec. 15, Alan Jackson and his wife Denise will celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. And even though they're both honest about the rough spots they've encountered along the way, they both say this Thanksgiving season, they're most thankful for each other.

"I'm grateful that ... he gives me great gifts," Denise jokes to PEOPLE, before getting serious. "I'm grateful that we actually have survived it. I mean, we were just children of 19 and 21, so just the fact that we're still together and have a wonderful family and are happier than we have ever been."

"I would have to agree with all of that," Alan says. "Just the fact that she has hung in there with me is a chore. She's lasted long enough for me to mellow out and probably easier for me to live with, so that's a good thing."

The couple, who are selling their 17,000 square-foot mansion, grace the cover of PEOPLE'S latest Country Special, on newsstands now.