Alan Jackson will be the first to admit he's not the most high-tech guy around. The Georgia-born superstar has always been more comfortable working on a car than navigating a social network site or the latest smart phone. "Real men don't tweet," Alan jokes with The Boot as he leans back in his chair and smiles.

Always a man of few words -- unless he's putting them in a song -- Alan is admittedly inexperienced with online networking. However, he was excited about an app on his new iPhone that would keep him from having to type his text messages. Unfortunately, things didn't work exactly as planned.

"I finally got one of those phones, the new ones that you're able to talk to it and they will text what you say because I can't type," he says, explaining that his hands are just too big to type on his cell phone. "[Those phones] are so tiny. I couldn't even hold them. It took me forever to even write out a message. Now I can just talk to it, but it's so aggravating because I have a mumbling Southern accent and half of the time they can't understand what I'm saying. I have to really enunciate and talk loud to get it to understand."

When he first started using the phone, Alan was excited about showing his wife Denise how the app worked. So he said "text" into the phone and handed it to Denise to demonstrate what it could do. Her surprised reaction told him something wasn't working as planned. When he looked at the screen, the phone had pulled up listings for nearby adult bookstores!

"It thought I said 'sex,' not 'text,'" Alan explains in his warm Georgia drawl. He and Denise had a good laugh over the incident and since then he's careful to enunciate clearly.

"I like it now. This lady talks to you and you can ask it anything," he says of the iPhone's Siri. "I just don't talk much. Small talk [has] just never been my thing."

Alan's latest album, Thirty Miles West, is out now. Read our full interview with the country icon here.