Alan Jackson has met plenty of fellow musicians during his 25 years in the music business, but one artist in particular has made an impact on him recently: Steven Tyler.

Jackson and Tyler recently appeared together in a pre-recorded comedy sketch during the 2015 CMT Music Awards, but that wasn't their first meeting.

"I met him a few years ago when I was playing a concert in Boston," Jackson tells Billboard of Tyler. "He came to the show with his family. He's always been a fan of country music. He's a song guy. He's a character, always wide open. That's the way he was at the shoot. He's got a lot of soul as a singer and has a lot of energy. He's real genuine."

With the upcoming release of his solo country project -- which will include his recently released single, “Love Is Your Name” -- the Aerosmith frontman will share his deep love for the country genre. Jackson seems to be one of his favorite acts.

“If Alan’s playing in town, I’ll go see him. I love his stories,” Tyler says. “Country music always has astounded me with its stories.”

Jackson recently released a new single, "Jim and Jack and Hank," which is off of his upcoming studio album, Angels and Alcohol. The project is set for release on July 17 and is available for pre-order via Amazon.

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