Alan Jackson doesn't keep much of the latest technology around cluttering up his office. His songs like 'Drive' and 'Country Boy' harken back to a simpler life, an era where folks respected their elders and loved getting together on Saturday nights to play music or listen to the Grand Ole Opry. Jackson's daughters apparently think their dad needs to move into the 21st century.

Mattie, Ali and Dani presented Dad with an iPod -- something he never thought he'd want. "My girls finally gave me one, and they loaded it with all this old stuff on there, new music, anything they thought I'd like," Jackson says. The singer admits he had never really paid attention to the players before, because he thought they were just for people who listened to a lot of music. "You can take it wherever and plug it in. Now you can adapt 'em into your systems, so that is a nice feature."

Jackson's songs, including his latest hit 'Country Boy,' are probably on thousands of music players around the world. 'Country Boy' is Jackson's 25th No. 1 single. The entertainer heads back out on the road in February, performing at the San Antonio Rodeo on February 7. He tackles another big event, the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, on March 4.