Alan JacksonFor country superstar Alan Jackson, March may have come in like a lamb but it's going out like a freight train. Alan's 18th studio album, 'Freight Train,' is hitting stores today (March 30). With it, he'll no doubt continue to rack up more hits to add to his 34 No. 1 singles (24 of which he wrote himself) ... and add a few more numbers to the more than 50 million albums he has already sold worldwide.

Appearing on NBC's 'Today Show' with Ann Curry this morning in support of his new album, Alan was in rare form when he opened up about his songwriting, marriage and his excitement over getting a star on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame.

"It's crazy, isn't it?," Alan laughed when Ann asked him about his Tinsel Town honor. Ann then offered that the only "crazy" thing about it was that it took so long!

"I think they finally got to the bottom of the list," laughed Alan.

After Ann announced that Alan's star would be right next to The Doors', the singer responded with a cute comeback: "Really? I thought I was down there at the end of the sidewalk around Tijuana somewhere. It's a great honor. I'm serious. I've had a lot of music awards but that's just unreal ... to think my family for years can go right out there and step on me on the sidewalk."

Speaking of his new album, Alan explained his writing process (eight of the 12 tracks bear his songwriting credit). "Some of the songs you pull out of your own life or you borrow from somebody else's misery," he explained, adding, "There's some songs on (this album) that go hand and hand with where we're at in our life," referring to his 30 year marriage.

So after all these years, does the big guy read his reviews? "Every now and then I'll see one. I try not to read too many. You get caught up in it, and sometimes if it's a bad review it can really mess you up, you know? If somebody sends me a good one, I might look at it."

Alan's Freight Train tour kicks off April 8, but he'll have to make a detour to California on April 16 -- the day the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce presents him with his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Open to the public, the ceremony will take place at 11:30 AM PT, with Alan's star located at 6801 Hollywood Boulevard, just steps from multiple Hollywood landmarks and near stars from such notables as John Travolta, The Doors, and Judy Holliday.

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