Alan Jackson and his daughters have a special Father's Day tradition -- combining cake and the lake. The holiday is doubly special for Alan's oldest daughter, Mattie, who was born two days after Father's Day.

"From day one, I have always been a daddy's girl," Mattie shares with the readers of Cooking With Paula Deen magazine. "Not because my dad is Alan Jackson or because he has sold 50 million albums, but because he and I have always lived life with the same hopeful, easygoing disposition. While we may never know why children inherit certain qualities from their parents, I can't help but believe in my case it has something to do with the date of my birth."

"In 1990, Father's Day fell on June 17," Mattie continues,"but my dad's real father's day came two days later with the birth of his first baby girl - me! From that day forward, the weekend of Father's Day for my family has always been made up of skiing, sunshine, and homemade chocolate cake. Our family's chocolate cake recipe was always dad's summer favorite and mine because it was just an old recipe and easy to make. Dad always said it was perfect for long summer days on the water. And we could wash our gooey fingers in the lake! We didn't make the cake too often, but that made it all the more special on these holidays."

Alan included a special song, 'After 17,' on his latest album, 'Freight Train,' about the emotions he felt when Mattie left home for college.

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