Alabama said farewell to their fans seven years ago, after spending almost 30 years churning out hit after chart-topping hit, including 'Dixieland Delight,' 'Roll On (18 Wheeler)' and 'Song of the South.' But now, after making an unexpected return to the airwaves thanks to Brad Paisley's No. 1 single, 'Old Alabama,' the legendary band say they may not be finished after all.

"We're talking about doing maybe 20 shows next year," founding member Jeff Cook tells The Country Music Hall of Fame members ended their farewell tour in 2004 in the capital of North Dakota, which is a decision he still regrets. "I never felt it was right that a band called Alabama should end their career in Bismarck," he notes. "It should have ended in Birmingham or Huntsville."

The country legends say that, if they return to the stage next year, they will definitely have a new batch of tunes to perform. "I feel sure that if we do dates, we'll have a recording to go with it," Jeff reveals. Included on the new album would be the song, 'Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way,' that the three-member group recorded as part of the collaborative album, 'The Music Inside -- A Collaboration Dedicated To Waylon Jennings Vol. I,' which hit shelves in February.

If Alabama does release a new album in 2012, chances are their recent collaborative partner would be first in line to buy the CD. "More than anything, I hope this makes their iTunes songs spike a little," Brad told The Boot about his hopes for 'Old Alabama.' "They're really the coolest band we've ever had, so I'm really proud to get to be an unofficial member for a little while."

For now, fans will have to be content to listen to Brad's latest single to hear any new music from the trio. Proceeds from the song benefit the American Red Cross, to aid in tornado relief following the south's deadly storms. Download the single here.