Aaron Watson has released a brand-new single, "Getaway Truck," and he's debuted a lyric video for the tune as well.

"Getaway Truck," from Watson's The Underdog album, includes lines such as, "They say you never know what you got until it's gone / He's gonna learn the hard way, when he finds you long gone / Gone like the wind in your hair, hands in the air / Singing, so long, good luck / Girl, I wanna set your heart free, ride with me / I wanna be your getaway / Heart free, ride with me / I wanna be your getaway truck."

“I wanted to raise the bar both musically and lyrically when making this record,” Watson says of The Underdog. “Working with producer Keith Stegall took things to the next level. The Underdog is the album I always wanted to make."

The Underdog debuted at No. 1, making Watson the first independent artist to debut at the top of the Country Albums chart. Still, the Texan says that he knows he has plenty of work still to do.

“It really is always about the next one,” Watson says. “Especially if you’re an independent artist, you’re only as good as your next record. That’s the truth. We live and die by putting out quality records.”

The Underdog is Watson's 12th studio album, but he says that he poured more of himself into this project than any of his previous ones.

"With this record I just wanted to push myself to be a better singer, a better songwriter," Watson explains. "I really stay away from drinking songs, cheating songs -- there's enough of that kind of craziness in [the] world [that] I don't need to add to it. I want to make the kind of music you can listen to it in front of your grandma, around your kids ... I try to just focus on good things."

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Listen to Aaron Watson, "Getaway Truck":

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