Aaron TippinEver changing, always growing -- the music business is like a living, breathing thing. And though some artists may try to fight its evolution, there are those who feel it's in their best interest to embrace change, and make it work for them -- and you can count Aaron Tippin among them.

"There will come a day when [the Internet] will be the direct link," Aaron tells The Boot. "It's changing every minute ... where folks go, Well, let's see what ol' Aaron's got new. They don't go turn on the radio -- they're gonna get on the computer, and they're gonna punch up www.aarontippin.com."

But Aaron doesn't see such change as the battle lost. He sees it as exciting new horizons yet to be discovered, as fans navigate the Internet in search of the music they love.

"It's working, and we just gotta hang in here. Everybody in the music biz is gonna have to learn to live cheap. Here's the deal-- folks are gonna buy the songs they like. They're not gonna buy 12 songs just because you shove them down their throat. And that's the way it should be. We should all live by that sword. And die by that sword."

And when it comes to such swordplay, the singer says, "I welcome this with open arms. And if Aaron Tippin puts out a song that the people don't like, then OK, so be it. I'll go back to the drawing board, and I'll figure out what Aaron Tippin fans want. Not some music exec that never even comes to an Aaron Tippin show!"