Country star and former bodybuilder Aaron Tippin is dipping his feet into a new business venture that has nothing to do with music and everything to do with something else he takes very seriously -- fitness. Aaron is launching his own nutritional supplements, called Aaron Tippin Nutrition (ATN). The 51-year-old star says he's excited to bring his own brand of health care products to his fans.

Aaron had a lucrative career as a bodybuilder over twenty years ago, before switching to country music. Thus, it's an easy transition for him to put the focus back on fitness.

"I was a fanatic about bodybuilding," he explains. "It was an obsession that drove me. Over the years, the health and fitness aspect transformed the obsession into an everyday way of life -- a lifestyle."

Thanks to his inquisitive fans, Aaron found the motivation to create something that was also helpful to others. "Over my 20-year music career, folks are always asking me about how I stay in shape," Aaron says. "Exercising and staying active is just our way of life, at home and on the road. And with my wife Thea's help, I've learned to make better food choices and eat right. This is something that we've wanted to do for a very long time."

Aaron assures that he and Thea have been taking his supplements for the past six months and are both feeling great. Offering everything from the 'Acai Energy Diet' to 'Daily Defense Greens,' Aaron hopes this becomes a new way of life for people.

"It's our goal to help folks get with it and stick to it ... or just encourage them to start living better so they can continue to pursue all the things they enjoy and live longer ... ATN's motto is 'Living well...for the time of your life!' There's no better time to start than right now!"

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