Aaron Tippin has long been known for his electrifying live shows and also for two decades of loyalty to fans. His meet-and-greets often turn into marathon sessions to make sure he has time to spend with each and every attendee. But a recent spell of dangerous weather prevented the singer-songwriter from fulfilling his obligation. He quickly took to his Facebook page to explain the situation.

"Hey y'all, I just wanted to apologize to my fans in New Albany, Ind.," Aaron writes to his nearly 5,000 Facebook friends. "I was not able to sign autographs because of the thunder and lightning in the area. I sign autographs after every show and I have been for the past 20 years and will continue to. Trust me, you do not want to be standing anywhere near me when it is lightning, I have been struck two times. (Remind me to tell that story sometime.) I just wanted to keep you guys safe."

Naturally, we were curious about the circumstances behind those two lightning strikes, so since he offered to share the story, we tracked Aaron down to get the hair-raising details!

"First time, I was 10 years old," Aaron tells The Boot. "My dad and Bud Turner were with me. We were working on Sunday. I don't think God liked that. Up came a thunderstorm and Dad, he wouldn't stop for nothing. So Dad and I were holding in the wire to a tree and Bud was getting ready to strike the staple. That's when it hit us. God's got great timing, doesn't he!"

As for the old adage that lightning never strikes twice, that's not exactly true when it comes to the 'Ain't Nothin' Wrong With the Radio' singer.

"The second time was in my twenties," he tells us. "I was working on a dump truck with my work partner, Tim Perry. We were both under the truck trying to pry an axle out from under it. The lightning hit the truck and it knocked the hell out of me and him. That time, it really hurt -- left me paralyzed for a few minutes."

Aaron will play Rifle, Colo., on July 9 and has several additional concerts slated throughout the summer. Check here for upcoming shows. (It might also be a good idea to check the weather report if you plan to get up-close and personal with Aaron!)