Aaron Tippin is celebrating 25 years in the music business in a big way. The "Kiss This" singer is launching his own brand of Country Jam blackberry wine, produced and bottled by Stonehaus Winery.

"I’ve been a wine maker for a while," Tippin told The Boot exclusively following a media luncheon and wine tasting. "It’s just one of those passions that struck me once I got involved in it."

Tippin's love of wine goes back to when he was dating his now-wife, Thea.

"I’m meeting the family," he recalled with a laugh during the luncheon. "It came time to order drinks. It got around to me, and I said, ‘I’ll have a white zinfandel.' Boy, the table got quiet. Her dad reached over to me, patted me on the arm and said, ‘Aaron, men at this table don’t drink white wine. We drink red wines, and I’ll order you a drink.’ He ordered me a red zinfandel. That turned me around. As soon as I started drinking that, came back to Tennessee, went to the wine shop and started learning how to make wine."

The 57-year-old just released his latest studio album, Aaron Tippin 25, a double-disc project including 10 of his biggest hits along with 15 new tunes, of all genres. But while many artists, after a quarter of a century in the business, might consider retiring, Tippin isn't like most artists.

"I’ve finally figured out, retiring is not my personality," he notes. "I think at one time the thought was to retire at 55. Then that went and came, and I said, ‘I think I’ll get another bus and go another million miles ...' The truth is, as long as they come see me, I’ll keep singing."