Nerves can get the best of anyone -- even stars like country singer Aaron Lewis, who are used to being under the spotlight.

While performing the National Anthem before Game 5 of the World Series on Sunday (Oct. 26), Lewis flubbed the words: He replaced “at the twilight’s last gleaming” with the lyrics “were so gallantly streaming,” and then repeated the line (in the correct spot) later in the song. Although he received a standing ovation after the performance, the video captures some surprised reactions right after Lewis incorrectly sang the line.

Soon after the incident, the 'Country Boy' hitmaker and lead singer of rock band Staind, apologized on Facebook and his official website.

"All I can say is I'm sorry and ask for the Nation's forgiveness. My nerves got the best of me, and I am completely torn up about what happened," Lewis says. "America is the greatest country in the world. 'The Star-Spangled Banner' means so much to so many, including myself. I hope everyone can understand the intensity of the situation and my true intent of this performance. I hope that the Nation, Major League Baseball and the many fans of our national pastime can forgive me."

It's slightly ironic that Lewis sang the incorrect lyrics because in a way, he's eating his words from 2011. Fans may remember that when pop singer Christina Aguilera botched the National Anthem at the Superbowl, Lewis had some harsh words for her.

“I guess I just don’t understand how people who sing the National Anthem can be so f--king self-absorbed that they would try to change that f--king song," he said. "If there is a single song in the history of this country that deserves no creative interpretation, it’s that one."

In Aguilera's rendition, she replaced “O’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming” with “What so proudly we watched at the twilight’s last reaming.”

Since 2011, Lewis has released four country singles, his biggest hit being 'Endless Summer.' Hopefully he'll recover from his misstep -- but never make the same mistake again!