Aaron Lewis has a clear message for anyone attending his concerts -- don't mess with any young females in the audience.

The singer-songwriter was performing with his rock band, Staind, at Rockfest in Kansas City, Kan. on Saturday (May 31), while several attendees were crowdsurfing. But from Lewis' vantage point on stage, he could see some of the people getting a little too close with a teenage girl, and he didn't mince words in calling out the offenders.

“Listen up you f---ing a--holes, that girl over right there is like 15 f---ing years old and you pieces of s--t are molesting her while she’s on the f---ing crowd," he reprimanded. "Your f---ing mothers should be ashamed of themselves, you pieces of s--t ...You should all be f---ing beaten down by everyone around you for being f---ing pieces of ---t.”

The father of three girls went on to threaten to call out the perpetrators if he saw it again, and have everyone around them "beat their f---ing a--."

Lewis released a country album, 'The Road' in 2012. While it may seem a departure for the rock singer, he says he feels right at home in country music.

“I’m just using a different set of crayons to color everything in,” he explains. “Life takes many twists and turns and it leads you places … I felt like it was the best fit for me.”

Lewis is on the road performing songs from his latest album. Keep track of all of his upcoming shows here.