Miranda LambertMiranda Lambert is three for three. With her plainspoken, traditional country songs about cheating boyfriends and empty promises, the gun-and-guitar slinger took her new CD, 'Revolution,' straight to the top of Billboard's country chart, following the path blazed by her previous two releases.

The Boot caught up with Miranda during a whirlwind media tour supporting what's bound to be an album on a lot of critics' year-end lists. After we talked about the new music, we decided to let loose a bit, gabbing about dream dinner dates, bad habits and a secret girl crush.

When was the last time you felt like 'Dead Flowers,' to quote your hit song?

I don't think I've felt like dead flowers from the love perspective, but the last couple of months have been pretty grueling as far as work. So some days I felt like I had hair and makeup, but inside I felt a little wilting, like part of me was dying. But I think that's worth it, that's part of the fun.

What celebrity would you most like to see disappear for awhile?

Oh, I could get into trouble on this one! The girls from 'The Hills.' I don't really watch that show, but I don't believe in being famous for absolutely nothing.

Miranda Lambert, Merle HaggardWho would you most like to have dinner with living or dead?

I'd have to say Merle Haggard. He's my No. 1 inspiration and my hero. I've been reading a lot about him lately and learning more about him, and I think he'd be a very interesting person to eat dinner with ... I've met him a few times. It's been kind of quick; there's always handlers and people around rushing us everywhere. But to just sit down and talk with him would be a really cool experience.

Have you read the Rolling Stone piece that came out on Merle last month?

Yes. He deserved it. He should have been on the cover, although I do have a crush on [that issue's cover girl] Megan Fox.

You've said you own between eight and 10 guns. How many guns should be in the average home?

I would say two, actually three. I think you have a pistol, a shotgun and a rifle because that covers the spectrum of what you're going to need to hunt. I'm a gun-toter and I believe in guns -- not for violent reasons, just because it's our right to have one. Also, I'm a hunter so I have to have some.

Miranda LambertYour album shares its title with a famous Beatles song. What is your favorite Fab Four tune?

I just started listening to the Beatles not that long ago. I'm a late bloomer. I started listening to some Beatles from people going [says in a shocked tone] 'You don't know the Beatles?' Because I'm only 25! Also, I'm just discovering Elvis [Presley]. So I can't say what my favorite song is yet, because I'm just getting into both. I've been talking to people and they're going, 'Miranda, that's just so behind.' And I'm like, 'I'm young! I didn't know!'

What book is on your bedside table?

I'm reading, believe it or not, 'To Kill a Mockingbird.' I think I read it in high school, but obviously, I skimmed through it and tried to get by with just barely passing the test, so I don't think I really took in that book the way I should have.

You wrote 'Sin for a Sin' on this album with your boyfriend, Blake Shelton. They say couples shouldn't work together. What would you say to him if he wrote a line that really stunk?

'I just feel like that sucks.' [laughs] That's what's good about writing with someone you're that comfortable with.

'Me and Your Cigarettes' on the new album talks about addiction. What's your worst habit, and what is Blake's?

Well, he has too many to mention [laughs]. My bad habit would probably be fried food. I can't give up fried food. It's ingrained in me.

Your mom helps you pick out your jeans. She recently told PEOPLE, "You have to know your jeans when you have our butt." What's the Lambert butt?

Well, it's big. We have a little junk in the trunk in our family and it's OK with us.

When's the last time you wished you could take back something you said?

Oh gosh, every single day of my life. I'm one of those don't-think-before-you-speak girls. I'll say something and then I'll be like, 'Oh crap, did I say that out loud?' Every day there's probably something I said that I shouldn't have said, whether it's funny or hurtful.