Country superstar Keith Urban has had a lot to celebrate in 2007: reaching platinum sales on his fourth solo album, selling out a world tour, his 40th birthday, his one-year wedding anniversary with actress Nicole Kidman and reaching the milestone of one year of sobriety. To wrap up his remarkable year, Urban is releasing a collection of some of his best-loved hits in a compilation, called 'Greatest Hits: 18 Kids.' We caught up with the singer before a concert soundcheck in Grand Rapids, Mich., to talk about everything from marriage to paparazzi to turning the big 4-0.

How did you come up with the subtitle of the album, '18 Kids'?

I get asked a lot, "What are my favorite songs?" And I always say they're all like my children, so I don't really have a favorite. And some of them aren't mine -- there are some "adopted" songs, if you will. I think the analogy is interesting, because they are created, and then they morph and grow. We're doing songs now on the tour that are eight years old, from the first album. And some of them don't sound a whole lot like they did originally -- they've evolved.

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