"Whenever anyone says I'm an actor making a record, I tell them to kiss my ass," says Billy Bob Thornton, who may be better known for his movies but insists that music is his first love. The Boot was invited inside Thornton's Beverly Hills home to talk about his country-rock band, The Boxmasters. And after our chat about music, we couldn't help but probe the Arkansas-native on matters a little more personal, resulting in revelations about fatherhood, his dream drinking buddy and his ongoing relationship with an oh-so-famous ex.

What's the craziest rumor you've ever heard about yourself?

One that was bizarre was that I only eat orange food. It was in the papers for two or three years! I used to go to this one hotel and have breakfast there and only order a plate of papaya and coffee, and those hotel people always talk about you to the media. So I think someone must have said, "All he ever orders is papaya," and it must have come from that.